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What is Good Qi (high energy vibration)

How To Tap Into Good QI?

Not all houses, condos, townhouses, apartments, and offices are created equal. Every house has its own birth chart, just like we have our time and date of birth. The house you live in could be good for you but it’s a nightmare for your partner/spouse. With Feng Shui Energy manipulation, this house can be a great house for everyone.

Here are some examples of what Feng Shui can help

1. Selecting a great house or office to buy or rent

Which dwelling or office to choose from?

If you have 3 choices of houses or offices to decide, which one will you choose?

a. Main Door facing

b. Great location?

c. School District?

Every house has its own date of birth chart

Some are money houses; others are sick houses.

With great Energy manipulation, we can turn a sick house into a good one 


2. Make more money

Depending on your property, certain property Qi can make you

 a. Win big in the stock market

 b. Become the next property tycoon

 c. Live paycheck to paycheck

3. Home office

If the house has good Qi, you become much more productive.

You might only need to work 2 hours per day to get the benefit of 8 hours work.

4. Office

a. Winning office politics

b. Improve your visibility

c. Become the company's/boss's favorite

d. Get the job promotion you are eyeing on

e. Get your dream job

f. Top sales producer in your company 


5. Relationship

a. Avoid Divorce, if married

b. Create a great loving, happy relationship with your spouse/family.

c. Create a great partnership with your boss/manager?

d. Make you more likable to everyone? Charismatic

e. Less argument with others

f. Peaceful and contented

g. Happier 


6.  Find the girl/boy of your dream 


a. Make yourself more attractive/presentable

b. Be more confident

7.  Prevent illness

a. Some houses are more prone to sickness

b. Are you or your family members sick often?

c.  How to prevent illness from getting worse?

d. Which resident is more prone to the yearly illness energy.

e. Prevents illness with no symptoms and can kill within 3 months or a year time.

f.  Does your house/property have a qualified good doctor to cure your illness?


8. Your Children excel in Study/Sport

a. Improve concentration

b. Improve grades

c. Become a great athletic


9. Are you one of the lucky top 10% that have houses/offices with 60 years, 180 years,  or continuously GOOD feng shui?

Interested in finding out what your house or office energy has for the next 20 or 60 or 180 years?  

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