Our Residential Services

Creating MoreWealth Opportunities

We can capture the annual wealth energy and also the next 20 years' wealth Qi into your house, regardless of whether you are renting or owning the house you live in. So you can enjoy more wealth opportunities in your life.

Live and Enjoy a Healthy Life

Every house has its annual illness energy. We would control the illness energy from getting out of control inside and outside of our house.  So that you and your family live a healthy life.

Helpful Mentor Qi in Your Life

We can activate Mentor luck Qi in our life by being in the right place at the right time. Giving you a big break in your life.

Recognition in your work

Whether you are a career person or business owner,  we can create opportunities for your work to shine in your company or industry.

Excel in Studies or Research

By activating intelligence and learning Qi, students learn faster with a higher IQ.  Also, for adults who do many investments,  it will help in researching a winning stock or profitable property.

Happy Loving Relationship

Having good Qi inside the house, family members live happily and love each other company. 

Living a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life

Qi helps us live a meaningful, fulfilling life by aligning our personal energy with the house energy.

Attracting the Love of Your Life

Good attraction Qi can works wonder in our life. It attracts the right person or soul mate into our life. 

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