Our Commercial Services

Auspicious Office for the Next 20 Years

Is your office energy aligned with the next 20 years Qi? We can upgrade the existing office to receive the new era of 20 years energy to thrive your business.

Choosing the Right Business Office

We can help you to decide on the office that aligns with your personal energy to fully benefit you and your business.

Creating more Wealth Opportunities

We can capture the wealth Qi to help boost up the sales revenues and control the bad energy at the same time.

Hiring Top- Notch Personnel

We can help hiring managers select a qualified candidate that matches their business needs.

Office Renovation

Contact us before you start any office renovation. So that the new office energy will align with the new era energy for the next 20 years

Mentor Luck in Business

Having powerful and helpful people in your business network can bring your business to the next level. Capturing this powerful mentor Qi into your life is vital in business.

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